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Legal Locate is the latest way to obtain clients through a platform that has never been used in the legal field. Essentially, the user builds the foundation of their case through the Legal Locate case-building software. This software was carefully designed, allowing your firm to identify the major aspects of a case and determine if the case fits your firms criteria. Then you simply reject or accept the case, if the latter then your acceptance message gets sent to the user through Legal Locate. The user will look through the interested attorneys custom profile and choose who they want to be represented by. If they choose your firm they will be given your contact information and a message stating that you will contact them within 24 hours. Legal Locate has now matched you with a client that suits your criteria within minutes at an unmatched cost.

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With an increasingly legalistic society it is important that everyone can find the counsel they need without costing law firms thousands of dollars. Legal Locate allows your firm to become part of the Apple and Android marketplace. Allowing you to adapt and become a part of today’s massive application society.

Why Legal Locate?

  • Efficient - Eliminate the timely prospective client calls and meetings with potential clients. The potential client builds the basics of their case for you so you can review it in minutes.
  • Economical - Obtain clients and market your firm at a reasonable cost while reducing expenses and saving valuable time.
  • Creates Opportunity - Brand new way for firms of all sizes to compete and obtain clients.
  • Adapt - Take advantage of the largest marketing platform in today’s society.
  • Clients come to you - Save money on advertising as Legal Locate brings clients straight to you.

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